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Baoji Dingding titanium products Co. Ltd.

Baoji Dingding Titanium Products Co., Ltd., formerly known as Baoji Jiuding Titanium Products Factory, is located in Jin tai District, Baoji City. After more than 10 years of hard work and development, it has established a production-oriented industrial company with its own import and export rights. The company adheres to the management idea of "based on quality and development with sincerity and integrity", and takes the concept of "people-oriented and win-win cooperation" as its development concept and strictly implements the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and ISO13485: 2003 medical device quality management system that have passed the certification. 10 million RMB, a registered trademark of "Ding Ding Titanium" (Trade Name: 13445957), and has two patents. And in 2016 invested 600 million RMB for the construction of 10,000 square meters of standardized new factory, to build Baoji Titanium first brand: "Titanium Dingding"Five major reasons for Choose "Ding Ding Titanium" brand of titanium products, Reason one, reliable quality: strict three clearance, the whole process of quality control.
1.原料關,公司與國有大型海綿鈦廠長期保持供需關系,采用遵義撫順的優質海綿鈦為原料生產出TA0 TA1 TA2 TC4 TA9 TA10 等鈦錠。



THREE ADVANTAGESQuality advantage, price advantage, service advantageThe constction team to ensure project quality

Quality advantage: Our company selects the high quality sponge titanium from the sponge titanium titanium ingot titanium material titanium product self-control, which not only reduces the cost, but also ensures the quality. Fanpin BaoTi group of retired senior engineer, for the company to make the production process, can produce overseas military, aerospace standard, titanium alloy, titanium alloy at home and abroad of any standard, and all through the review of qualified baoti.

Price advantage: The factory is located in the "titanium Valley" center of China, integrating the whole "titanium Valley" processing resources, and combining with the production advantages of self height accuracy, titanium rods and titanium products, while guaranteeing the quality of terminal products, it also reduces the cost of rough machining, which really helps customers.

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